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19 Aug
I have my own muppet. We're very excitable.

I have my own muppet. We’re very excitable.

Here we go again!

I’ve had a couple of false starts (including me being REALLY angry about a coworker all the time, planning a wedding, and, well, nothing but me talking to myself),  but I’ve decided to give another go to blogging. Maybe I’ll find my voice, maybe I’ll keep my parents updated on what’s going on at the house, maybe I’ll just ramble a whole lot (that seems the most likely, actually). At any rate. Here we are.

My expectations are outlined in the following list. Because I LOVE me some lists. I can’t promise other things won’t appear here, but if you’re interested in:

1. Home Improvements (as we fumble our way through, seriously, we’re completely new to all this)

2. The adventures of recently marrieds (although, technically not “newly wed” since that was two years ago)

3. CATS!

(And other miscellaneous things like occasional recipes, crafts that go well or otherwise, animals I see during my commute to Boston, etc…)

Then you might be interested in what you’ll find here. If you’re not, hey, the world’s pretty big and so is the internet, off you go. I’m really mostly doing this so I have a place to show my projects off that isn’t Facebook.